Introduction to earned value management (EVM)

During this interactive course, a member of our expert staff will introduce students to the concepts underyling Earned Value Management (EVM), including: 

  • The problems EVM was created to solve
  • EVM terminology and data elements
  • The key EVM processes (Organizing, Planning, Scheduling & Budgeting, Accounting, Managerial, Analysis & Reporting, and Revisions)

During the training, our instructor takes the time to learn about your organization to provide relevant examples of ways to use the concepts in your daily work environment. 

Target Audience

Professionals in organizations who currently, or will be utilizing an EVM System, including Program Managers, Integrated Product Team (IPT) Leads, Program Schedulers, Control Account Managers (CAMs), Program Controls/EV Analysts, and Program Financial Analysts. Executives who oversee Program Managers may also find this class of interest.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 

  • Discuss why EVM was created, and how an effective EVM practice benefits an organization
  • Recognize the basic principles and terms used in EVM
  • Understand the fundamental processes, key roles, and responsibilities involved in EVM
  • Participate more meaningfully in advanced EVM system coursework


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Training & Education
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Course Logistics

2 Days (16 hours)
In person, instructor lead or via video conference 
Student PCs are not required
Class Size
Up to 15 students
Introduction to CPM Scheduling recommended, but not required


Training & Education

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