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Our leadership team is comprised of recognized professionals with expertise in specialized sectors of the business.  Their collective experience and insight helps us continually grow as a company and better serve our valued clients.


Michael Breuker, President
Michael Breuker

Michael joined Pinnacle in early 2000.  For the last 23 years, he has been helping clients improve organizational performance through implementation of Integrated Program Management (IPM) and Enterprise Project & Portfolio Management (EPPM) solutions.  In his executive role, Michael is responsible for the strategic growth and sustainment of Pinnacle's global business.  Michael is committed to maintaining Pinnacle's brand recognition as the leader in enterprise project management solutions.

In addition to his corporate duties, Michael volunteers his time to help shape the future of the project management industry:

  • Current instructor and Dean of Scheduling at the College of Performance Management
  • Active member and participant in AACEi, CPM, PMI and NDIA industry groups
  • Frequent presenter at industry conferences
  • Recognized Thought Leader & Mentor

Michael enjoys living in Northern Virginia, near Washington, DC, with his family.

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Robert Jennings, IPM Practice Lead

Robert recently joined Pinnacle's team as IPM Practice Lead. Robert has been working in the industry for almost 40 years. In his role as IPM Practice Lead, Robert will be responsible for maintaining and improving Pinnacle's IPM implementation methodologies and tools, evaluating new technologies as they enter the market, and training new consultants as our business expands. 

Robert is also involved in the NDIA IPMD and various other working groups for the organization, as well as the College of Performance Management (CPM). Robert holds an Executive MBA from Letourneau University in Dallas, TX. 

Robert currently resides in the San Diego region of California and enjoys aviation related hobbies in his free time. 
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