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How Pinnacle Aligns with Your Needs

Planning for company-wide project management change requires an ally that understands how to merge industry specific needs with the best practices. Pinnacle is prepared to address the needs of healthcare IT organizations within hospital groups, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology firms to accomplish the following goals:

  • Eliminate project silos (through EPMO) for greater collective awareness
  • Increase the standardization of processes
  • Gain better understanding of project cost and ROI
  • Improve project prioritization
  • Improve management capabilities
  • Help the enterprise better meet commitments in terms of project deliverables and objectives (ROI)

Our Experience in the healthcare Industry


Pinnacle Client - Via Christi

Pinnacle Client - Mayo Clinic

Pinnacle Client - Emergent Biosolutions

Pinnacle Client - CareFirst

Pinnacle Client - PharmAthene

Pinnacle Quickly Enables PharmAthene to Adopt a New Enterprise EVM System to Manage BioDefense Programs

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