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Planning for a company-wide project management change requires an ally that understands how to merge industry specific needs with the best practices. Pinnacle is prepared to address the needs of finance and insurance organizations to accomplish the following goals:
  • Eliminate project silos (through an EPMO) for greater collective awareness
  • Increase the standardization of processes
  • Gain a better understanding of project cost and ROI
  • Tool selection for improved company-wide processes and capabilities
  • Improve project prioritization
  • Improve management capabilities
  • Help the enterprise better meet commitments in terms of project deliverables and objectives (ROI)

Our Experience in the finance & Insurance industry

Pinnacle Client - Putnam Investments

Pinnacle Client - Progressive Insurance

Pinnacle Client - AIG

Pinnacle Client - Guardian

Guardian Implements Enterprise Project Management (EPM) In IT Group, SAVES OVER $4M IN YEAR ONE!

What Our finance & insurance Clients Say

  • CFO, Finance & Insurance Client

    By partnering with Pinnacle we saw a reduction in our overall IT expense by $4M in the first year, and $9M in the second!

    Finance & Insurance Client

  • CFO, Finance & Insurance Client 

    Before working with Pinnacle, 50% of our projects missed major milestones. Now 90% are on time.

    Finance & Insurance Client 

  • Rick Omartian, Chief of Staff, CFO of the IT Group, Guardian

    With Pinnacle's help, we were able to reduce IT maintenance spending by 15%. As a result, we redirected those funds to other strategic developmental initiatives.

    Rick O., Chief of Staff, CFO 
    Guardian Life Insurance Company

     Guardian Life Insurance Company


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