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Pinnacle's focus is on People, Processes and Tools to assist your organization in your quest for an Integrated Program Management System.  Learn more about the solutions we provide:
  • RFP Response to EVMS Requirements
  • Best of Breed Technology Solutions
  • Concept and Process Training
  • Tool Training
  • Customized Training Solutions, specific to your business needs
  • Program Management Sustainment Support Services

Our Experience in the AEROSPACE & DEFENSE industry

Parry Labs

Maxar Space

Terran Orbital

Pinnacle Client - BlueHalo



Pinnacle Client - Alion

Pinnacle Client - BAE Systems

Pinnacle Client - Vought Aircraft Industries Inc.

Pinnacle Client - Thales

Pinnacle Client - Spirit Aerosystems


Pinnacle Client - Rincon Research Corporation


Pinnacle Client - LASP

Pinnacle Client - Genzyme

Pinnacle Client - Dynport Vaccine Corporation

Pinnacle Client - Cobham

Pinnacle Client - ASM Research

Pinnacle Client - ARES

Pinnacle Client - AEC

Pinnacle Client - PharmAthene

Pinnacle Quickly Enables PharmAthene to Adopt a New Enterprise EVM System to manage biodefense programs

Pinnacle Client - FAA

The FAA's Air Traffic Control Organization Improves Their selection, Planning Funding & Execution of Projects


Pinnacle's Practice Guide Approach Helped Drive Adoption of a New World Class EVM Process

Bell Helicopter

Pinnacle Helps Bell Helicopter Achieve EVMS Re-Validation

Pinnacle Client - Leonardo DRS

Pinnacle Helps Leonardo DRS Implement an EVMS Using Primavera & Deltek Tools

What Our Aerospace & Defense Clients Say

  • Scott Jennings, Program Manager, Aerospace & Defense Client

    Pinnacle has a thorough understanding of Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS). They are very proficient at applying that knowledge for specific applications to a company's processes and procedures. I highly recommend Pinnacle for accomplishing EVMS process improvement.

    Scott J., Program Manager
    Aerospace Client

  • Stuart Retter, EVM Systems Manager, Bell Helicopter Textron

    Pinnacle's work was instrumental in helping to transform internal control systems and achieving EVMS certification for Bell Helicopter.

    Stuart R., EVM Systems Manager
    Bell Helicopter Textron

  • Vice President, EPCM Client

    Other firms we have worked with merely analyze and prescribe what needs to be done. Pinnacle goes beyond designing the right solutions; they are a partner who actually gets things done.

    Vice President
    EPCM Client

  • Vice President, EPCM Client

    The Pinnacle folks know how to implement the software for an organization better than the vendors themselves. And, their value goes way beyond their technical and best practice expertise. 

    Vice President
    EPCM Client

  • Vice President, EPCM Client

    Without a doubt, Pinnacle is the best partner we could have picked.

    Vice President
    EPCM Client

  • Doug Anderson, Vice President, Managing Director, Black & Veatch

    Pinnacle helped us make the right decisions for the organization by ensuring we remained focused on ROI, risk, and cost/benefit.

    Doug A., Vice President, Managing Director for North America
    Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp.

  • Lia Briggs, Manager, EVM Center of Excellence, Bell Helicopter Textron

    Pinnacle has done an excellent job for Bell Helicopter leading our EVM implementation. Pinnacle brought creative solutions and the technical expertise to the table that were essential when moving from aged legacy systems to a premier enterprise solution. I highly recommend Pinnacle. 

    Lia B., Manager, EVM Center of Excellence
    Bell Helicopter Textron

  • Vice President, EPCM Client

    The quality of their professionals is unparalleled.

    Vice President
    EPCM Client

  • Darrel Suokko, Senior Project Manager, Aerospace & Defense Client

    Pinnacle has expert knowledge and is great to work with. They understand the needs of the customer and provide the requested services on time and within budget. I enjoyed working with Pinnacle and highly recommend them.

    Darrel S., Senior Project Manager
    Aerospace Client

  • Vice President, EPCM Client

    Pinnacle's team helped us tailor the right processes and tools to best achieve our objectives. They truly are a great end to end partner!

    Vice President
    EPCM Client

  • Brian Dansfield, Vice President of Finance, BlueHalo

    Pinnacle was able to provide excellent guidance and training to refine internal processes allowing BlueHalo to achieve EVMS certification.  Their staff is knowledgeable and professional.  I highly recommend Pinnacle.

    Brian Dansfield, Vice President of Finance



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