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Earned Value Management: EIA 748 And The EVMS Validation Process

This course answers common questions about how to achieve and maintain validation of an EVMS system.

During the training, our instructor takes the time to learn about your organization to provide relevant examples of ways to use the concepts in your daily work environment. 

Target Audience

Stakeholders who will be involved in supporting the DCMA or Cognizant Federal Agency (CFA)* Compliance Review, including Program Managers, Finance Managers, and Senior Management.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will have a thorough understanding of:

  • Identify which programs in your organization must comply with the EIA 748 guidelines
  • Identify the areas of your organization involved in establishing and maintaining a compliant EVM system
  • Identify high-level goals for preparing your organization for a Compliance Review

*Cognizant Federal Agencies include DCMA, NASA, Department of Energy, FAA, DHS, NSF, NRO or other agencies performing validation reviews for contracts under FAR 52.234-2.

Click here for the PDF version of this class.  

Training & Education
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Course Logistics

2 Hours
In person, instructor lead or via video conference 
Student PC's are not required.
Class Size
Up to 15 students
Introduction to EVM or a basic understanding of EVM


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