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Pinnacle offers Support Services to Government Program Offices & Prime Contractors in preparing for integrated baseline reviews

Posted by Pinnacle Management Systems, Inc. on Thursday, July 22, 2021

An Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) is an assessment of the realism and achievability of the project baseline, as well as identification of risks and opportunities. 

The Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) lays the foundation for successful project execution while providing increased confidence to all project stakeholders in the cost, schedule, and performance data.

For government program offices that need to conduct IBRs for their contractors, or prime contractors conducting IBRs for their subcontractors, Pinnacle recommends the creation of an IBR toolkit.

The purpose of the toolkit is to provide guidance on conducting the IBRs for both the contractual and in-house portions of the projects. The toolkit provides tips for tailoring the IBR based on risks, costs, and the need for management insight.

Pinnacle’s team works with your organization to develop a customized toolkit to be used by your program team to conduct effective, streamlined Integrated Baseline Reviews.

Pinnacle’s typical IBR Toolkit includes:

  • IBR Planning Checklist & Schedule Template
  • Sample IBR Agenda and Communications Templates
  • IBR Team Preparation Instructions
  • CAM Discussion Questions
  • CAM Discussion Evaluation Criteria
  • Document and Data Trace Evaluation Forms

Our customized IBR toolkits are used by agencies such as NASA, NOAA, FAA, and others to conduct internal and contractor reviews. These toolkits are also used by internal surveillance organizations looking to implement baseline reviews on their projects.

IBR Facilitation

Pinnacle’s experts have decades of experience conducting Integrated Baseline Reviews on behalf of government program offices and prime contractors. Our team can supplement your program staff to assist in conducting the IBR by:

  • Conducting joint IBR team training to prepare the teams
  • Construct the IBR agenda and plan logistics
  • Facilitating the contractor IBR, including conducting CAM interviews

Talk to a Pinnacle professional about how we can prepare your organization for an IBR. Give Us a Call or Send Us an Email 


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