NDIA IPMD Fall 2019 Meeting Recap

Posted by Sara Marks on Monday, September 30, 2019

NDIA hosted their IPMD Fall Meeting on September 11th - 12th at the Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center in Denver, CO. With many different topics discussed, there were some interesting panel discussions and other insights we feel necessary to take note of.

Overview of Day 1 - Wednesday, September 11th 

On Wednesday September 11th, MG James Boozer mentioned that NDIA has embraced it's academic partners and just held their first ever co-hosted academic event this August at Purdue University - Congratulations! 

Also discussed, was that the IPMR v2 is now going to be called the IPMDR (Integrated Program Management Data Report) and, as was previously discussed, the formats 1-7 will be completely eliminated. There will be three files required with this: 

  1. Schedule Performance Data Set (IMS in JSON file) along with native file.
  2. Cost Performance Data set (to be accompanied with executive summary narrative).
  3. Performance Variance Narrative (replaces Format 5).

This new IPMDR DID promotes pre-award discussions to be more efficient and effective.

There wasn't a timeline expected with this roll out, but we think it shouldn't be expected to show up on contracts for at least another year or two.

Mr. Scott LaFrance presented an overview of the update to the Planning and Scheduling Excellence Guide (PASEG) version 4.0. A few major changes were:

  • Addition of 13.3 - Scheduling in Agile
  • Addition of 13.4 - Scheduling in Construction
  • Removal of all references to DCMA 14-Point Assessment
  • Refreshed Graphics
  • Added hyperlinks

There will also be items updated in the future which were reviewed during Scott's presentation.

Updates to IBR guide were presented by Ms. Cherilyn Jones. Various tweaks to wording and verbiage that was more EVM compliance sounding were made. There is a section on UCAs added. There are still some additional comments that need to be discussed and those will be done before the end of the month on an offline basis.

Mr. Shane Olsen presented an overview of the Acceptance Guide. There were minor changes which included removing PARCA and adding AAP. 

Overview of Day 2 - Thursday, September 12th

On day 2, Mel Frank and Dr. Ed Gibson discussed the Earned Value Management System reliability and development of an EVMS Rating Index. Some of the key points from this presentation include:

  • The goal of the research and development activity was to create a method to assess both maturity of the 10 program/project management processes which comprise the EVMS and the environment in which the EVMS operated.
  • Some preliminary results of the survey - over 123 responses as of Sept. 5, 2019. The goal is to have 250 responses out of the 500 sent in August.

Demographics from the survey so far are:

  • 43% were government and ~41% were government contractors
  • Largest concentration of roles were project management and project controls
  • 51% had >25 years of experience. Survey was targeting people with >10 years of
  • 82% of respondents agreed with survey’s definition of EVM.
  • 82% agreed with definition of EVMS.

There was a IPMDR panel discussion facilitated by Mr. Tej Sujilana. Mr. Sujlana presented a slide showing the IPMDR adjudication team. See meeting link below for this. There have been 4 meetings thus far with the next one planned for November 2019. The DID is expected to be released in January 2020. 

If you'd like to check out the Q&A panel discussion, check out the Meeting Minutes from this meeting via the link below.

Other upcoming IPMD events:

  • EVM Practitioners Group: October 9-10, DC
  • Program Management Track at NDIA-Systems & Mission Engineering Conference:
    October 21-24, 2020, Tampa, FL
  • IPMD Strategy Session: Nov 4-5, Dallas
  • Final IPMDR Adjudication Meeting: Nov 19-21, DC
  • IPMW (CPM): Dec 10-12, Baltimore, MD
  • IPMD: January 29-30, 2020, L3 Harris in Melbourne, FL
  • IPMD: Spring 2020, DC?
  • EVM World: Spring 2020, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • IPMD: Fall 2020, TBD

For the meeting minutes from this meeting, visit this link.  If you'd like to check out previous IPMD meeting presentations, check out this page

Did you make it to the NDIA IPMD Fall Meeting this year? What were your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

The next meeting for the NDIA IPMD will be on January 29 - 30, 2020 at L3 Harris in Palm Bay, FL. We hope to see you there!

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