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How Pinnacle Helps Government Contractors and Subcontractors Prepare for an Integrated Baseline Review (IBR)

Posted by Pinnacle Management Systems, Inc. on Thursday, July 1, 2021

An Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) is an assessment of the realism and achievability of the project baseline, as well as identification of risks and opportunities. 

The IBR lays the foundation for successful project execution while providing increased confidence to all project stakeholders in the cost, schedule, and performance data.

For organizations that have an existing EVMS capability and are preparing a project for an Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) to be conducted by the government program office or prime contractor.

Preparing for an Integrated Baseline Review consists of three component services:

  • IBR Training – Kick things off right with project execution team training. For Control Account Managers (CAMs) and other project team members, Pinnacle’s training course provides an overview of the typical IBR process and expectations of the contractor and customer.
  • Mock Interviews – Ensuring CAMs are knowledgeable and have a thorough understanding of the project data is critical to the success of an IBR.   We prepare CAMs by conducting a series of mock IBR interviews, and provide constructive feedback, so they are comfortable with the process for the real review.
  • CAM Notebook Preparation – All key contractual documents, baseline planning documentation, and performance measurement data relevant should be maintained in a CAM notebook. We work with your project team to create CAM notebooks with necessary artifacts required for interviews during the IBR.
  • Corrective Action Planning - Pinnacle provides your customer with the confidence they need to know that issues will be addressed properly and in a timely manner. Corrective Action Requests (CARs) coming out of an IBR are normal. Responding with an adequate Corrective Action Plan (CAP) with scheduled tasks and exit criteria are vital to avoid costly program delays.


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