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Deltek Releases Open Plan Version 8.5

Posted by Jason Kinder on Tuesday, December 8, 2020

We are very excited for the new features in the latest release of Deltek Open Plan 8.5, an enterprise-class, mature Critical Path Method (CPM) project scheduling engine.

Open Plan has the flexibility to manage projects of all sizes, including multi-project analysis, critical path planning, resource management and risk analysis. 

Open Plan has the flexibility to manage projects of all sizes, including multi-project analysis, critical path planning, resource management and risk analysis. 

Deltek has invested significant resources over the last few years in Open Plan and that investment is still going strong.  Here are a few of the new features and enhancements in version 8.5:

Time-phased reporting by activity count and value

  • Time-phased schedule progress charts allow you to report by activity count or values. For example, you can view charts to show view early/late activity completion curves with actuals as well as time-phased task completions against the baseline plan.
  • Include time-phased sample views include TP Completions and TP Cash Flow.
  • TP Completions displays cumulative or period data for a project plotted against time, showing you the number of activities planned to finish versus activities that were scheduled to finish. This reporting also supports the concept of Earned Schedule reporting.
  • TP Cash Flow allows you to use user-defined values to look at planned spending versus actual spending.
Project Analysis Barchart View
  • This view shows a hierarchical arrangement of projects with spreadsheet and barchart components.

Active Redundancy Analysis

  • Redundant tasks or as I call them, non-essential tasks, create extraneous data in your schedule. Open Plan 8.5 automatically checks the entire schedule, flagging redundant relationships.  This is a great enhancement that Deltek Acumen Fuse users will be familiar with.

Other enhancements include allowing you to move activities from one external sub-project to another or from an external project to a master, project spreadsheet view, Go To hidden activities, and many more. Check out the release notes for these new features.

For installation and upgrade information please contact the Deltek Support Center

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Jason Kinder

By Jason Kinder

Jason joined Pinnacle in November 2020. His experience includes Earned Value Management, project controls, project management, business process improvement, software implementation, training, and project/engagement management. He has been instrumental in establishing a centralized Program Management Office to provide program training, certification, and mentoring. Jason has briefed executives on project status, risks, and customer status across the US, as well as the UK and Russia. Mr. Kinder is a frequent speaker at the IPM Workshop, EVM World, and numerous project management software vendor conferences. He is also an active participant with the NDIA Integrated Program Management Division (IPMD) and the Planning and Scheduling Working Group.

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