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Posted by Pinnacle Management Systems, Inc. on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Deltek Cobra comes with a default configuration that lets you get up and running quickly. However, it is a very configurable tool that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Pinnacle has extensive experience in implementing Deltek Cobra for single programs and also for enterprise implementations.

Some of the typical questions you need to consider when implementing Deltek Cobra are:

  • How to approach integration with the scheduling engine? Cobra has a very flexible Integration Wizard that provides many options.
    • Cobra Microsoft Project integrations or Cobra Primavera P6 integrations are the most common.
  • How will baseline data be loaded into Deltek Cobra? Will cost and schedule be integrated on the schedule or developed separately?
  • How to model costs (overheads, burdens pools, escalation etc.)?
  • How to integrate with your ERP application to collect actual costs? Will costs be collected at the control account or work package level?
  • How is forecasting going to be handled? Taking advantage of Deltek Cobra’s manual and statistical forecasting options or driven totally from the schedule?
  • What types of business rules will be applied. Deltek Cobra offers many options covering such things as whether actual costs can be posted to a closed work package/control account.
  • How will Deltek Cobra be operated? Run by an administrator or will CAMs and other program-roles have direct access to Deltek Cobra?
  • How will Variance Analysis and Variance reporting be handled?

If you are loading data for projects that are already in in-progress you have to consider data migration issues as well.

Pinnacle’s implementation approach has been refined over many years on large and small engagements. Our approach emphasizes user-participation, is adaptable, and will guide you through the pros and cons of alternatives to each of the questions above.  The goal of our implementation approach is successful adoption of the new system.

Deploying software applications usually involves the following phases:

  • Requirements/Architecture – agree the basic requirements and technical approach. Includes role definitions, user-scenario development and technical architecture.
  • Prototyping/Configuration – building prototypes to support decision making
  • Development – build any custom migration, integration or reporting that is required
  • End to End Testing – test the applications from end to end
  • Deployment, Documentation and Training– iteratively deploy functionality to the users
Contact us to discuss the most effective, affordable and sustainable way to implement Deltek Cobra into your EVMS or Program Management system.

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