Deltek Costpoint and Project Management 

Pinnacle has implemented a number of Integrated Project Management systems using Deltek Costpoint, a Project Oriented ERP System, to provide project performance analysis.

Many organizations are challenged with integrating project performance and cost analysis of a project.  It is very common to hear that Project Managers are operating on stale financial data and cannot see how their projects are performing with regards to profit, Estimates to Complete, or overall fiscal performance.  We also hear frequently that producing this integrated information takes herculean efforts from Finance and that the effort is far too costly and time consuming.

There are a number of components or contributors to this lack of visibility into project and cost performance.  Poor technical and process integration are major contributors.  

Pinnacle has implemented and streamlined a number of Project Management Systems that utilize Deltek Costpoint, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Project Server and Primavera P6.  Our clients range from R&D organizations, High-Tech Engineering firms and Healthcare to Aerospace and Defense contractors.

Pinnacle solutions are always a combination of Process and Technology.  All of our solutions have required some level of assistance to improve project management processes and include the associated training to ensure adoption of these new processes.

The technology components of these solutions have included:

  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Project Server
  • Primavera P6
  • forProject  EVMS
  • Deltek Cobra and Deltek wInsight
  • Other Business Intelligence solutions

For more information on how to integrate your Deltek Costpoint system with your Project Management System, contact Pinnacle.


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