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Configuration is performed through a series of topical configuration workshops with participation from key personnel representing relevant business areas. Our approach is simple.

First, we begin with end in mind, focusing on the key outputs of the system.

Second, we educate as we go, ensuring that participants understand the practical application of configuration choices. We practice a rapid-prototyping approach, allowing stakeholders to see the results of configuration options as quickly as possible.

Finally, we document configuration decisions and rationale in a living Configuration Document that is placed under change control.



Whether your EPM system needs to feed data to a dashboard, earned value management, or financial system, or you need to pull data from your CRM or ERP system, our technical staff has the skills and experience to ensure seamless data flow in and out of Project Server.

Our consultants understand the data architecture of Project Server and can work with oData tables, .NET Client-Side Object Model (CSOM), or low code/no code solutions using Power Automate. We also have expertise enabling SharePoint workflows to create custom solutions that drive your business forward.



Whether you choose an on-premise or cloud deployment, our consultants are here to support you all the way. 

Our deployment approach focuses on user adoption of the system to maximize return on investment. We work directly with the user community as the product is deployed, providing one-on-one mentoring and support as needed to ensure success. Our goal is to enable your project teams to be self-sufficient and receive value from the system as soon as possible.