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Pinnacle Management Systems has been providing Project Management consulting and solution implementation services to the Information Technology Industry for nearly 25 years.

The Technology Industry has changed at an unprecedented rate over the last couple of decades.  Not only has it grown into a massive industry, Information Technology (IT) has become a key organization in companies and the source of mission critical changes to business practices across all other industries.  As a result, IT projects affect practically everyone.  

Today’s emerging technologies transform and at times disrupt the way businesses currently use IT to manage their operations.  The need for accurate computerized information in less time to make good decisions is having a dramatic effect on the industry.  In addition, IT management is chartered with utilizing the organizational resources effectively to accomplish the company’s business and remain innovative while broadening the company’s offerings and capabilities.

Many of the leading Project Management (PM) tools in the IT industry are the same as in other industries though they must be implemented and used based on the uniqueness of the IT project lifecycle.  IT projects typically come with unique risks, rapidly developing requirements to meet demands and high-dependencies to other projects in the respective portfolio and across the business.

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Information Technology Industry Solutions

How Pinnacle Aligns with your needs

Pinnacle has helped technology companies and IT organizations in all industries since our founding in 1993.  We understand the unique challenges and the pressure to realize ROI.  Common areas of focus and services to our IT clients include:

Our Experience in information technology


Guardian Implements Enterprise Project Management (EPM) in IT group - Saves over $4M in Year One!

What Our Clients Say in This Industry

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    Before working with Pinnacle, 50% of our projects missed major milestones. Now 90% are on time.  

    Chief of Staff, CFO of the IT Group
    Mutual Insurance Company

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    With Pinnacle's help we were able to reduce IT maintenance spending by 15%. As a result, we redirected those funds to other strategic developmental initiatives. 

    Rick Omartian
    Chief of Staff, CFO of the IT Group
    Guardian Life Insurance Company

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    By working with Pinnacle we saw a reduction in our overall IT expense by $4M in the first year, and $9M in the second!

    Chief of Staff, CFO of the IT Group
    Mutual Insurance Company

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