Did you win a DoD or HHS R&D contract? Do you have an opportunity for a long-term production contract if your R&D efforts are successful?  Required to manage your program with an Earned Value Management System (EVMS)?

In the biotechnology and pharmaceutical world, developing new products is a highly regulated, rapidly changing, fast paced process.  Many organizations in this space lack the critical capabilities to properly manage these highly-complex projects through the pipeline and bring them successfully to market.  As a result, they miss out on opportunities in the marketplace and experience a negative impact to the bottom line.

Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry Solutions

Pinnacle has extensive experience enabling companies in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry with the key skills, capabilities and systems to handle the unique management challenges within their environment from a clinical, technical and regulatory perspective across the drug development life cycle.

How Pinnacle Aligns with Your needs

Pinnacle has a strong understanding of the problems and barriers facing the biotech / pharma industry.  We have designed and implemented tailored project management solutions to help many clients satisfy their EVM requirements and improve their Project Management capabilities, increasing profitablity.  Common areas of focus and services to our Biotech clients include:

  • RFP Proposal Response to EVMS Requirements
  • Best of Breed Technology Solutions
  • Preparing for Biotech Program IBR’s and PMBR's
  • Executive Value Discovery Workshops
  • Software / Tool Evaluation
  • Gap / Readiness Assessment and Roadmap Planning
  • Project Management System Implemention & Integration
  • Project Management Process Improvements
  • Project Management Tools Training
  • Custom Contextual Training Solutions

Our Experience in the biotechnology Industry

Pinnacle Client - Unither Virology

Pinnacle Client - Radikal Therapeutics

Pinnacle Client - Genzyme

Pinnacle Client - Emergent Biosolutions

Pinnacle Client - Dynport Vaccine Corporation

Pinnacle Client - PharmAthene

Pinnacle Quickly Enables PharmAthene to Adopt a New Enterprise EVM System to Manage BioDefense Programs

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