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Civilian Agency Industry Working Group (CAIWG)

The CAIWG (pronounced kay-wig) is the Civilian Agency Industry Working Group (CAIWG).  

The CAIWG provides a forum for the open exchange of government and industry views on performance-based systems, including Earned Value Management (EVM).

The structure of the organization allows it to function as a coordinating organization between the Federal Civilian Agencies, the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), and the Department of Defense. 

CAIWG has two co-chairs that lead the organization, one Government and one from Industry.


objectives of the caiwg

Below is a list of the objectives of the CAIWG.

  • Promote the understanding and implementation of a process that integrates systems engineering, scope management, cost estimating, procurement, risk management and scheduling
  • Support the review and coordination of civilian agency Earned Value Management policies, guidance and practices
  • Serve as a resource for Earned Value Management issues and concerns with civilian agency Earned Value Management policy, procedures and practices
  • Analyze and identify solutions related to Earned Value Management System on major issues
  • Identify best practices which contribute to improved management of schedule and costs
  • Research and/or provide best practices guidance and assistance to government and industry partners
  • Provide a consolidated response to National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) guides, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issues and policies, and General Accountability Office (GAO) issues and reports
  • Render decisions and issuing positions where appropriate


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