Should We Upgrade Our EcoSys Platform?

Posted by Gary Harvey on Monday, December 4, 2017

In July of this year (2017) EcoSys released version 8.0 of the EcoSys platform. Since most existing EcoSys clients are still on version 7 releases, and given the amount of integration testing required to upgrade, most clients may take some time for the user base to migrate to version 8.0. 

In the following three years after its initial release in September 2017, EcoSys regularly released version 7.0 sub-releases and updates, however, most of the earliest updates (7.1 - 7.4), consisted of patches and minor enhancements, and did not include sifficiently compelling features to entice customers to go through the QA and upgrade cycle. By contrast, later versions 7.5 - 7.7 (circa 2016-2017) brought new features, such as a new mobile platform, increased visibility into data object dependencies, performance improvements and more robust screen layout features. Three years down the road, custom EcoSys configurations developed under the first few iterations of version 7 or earlier will find significant opportunities to improve their applications by upgrading to 7.7 or 8.0.

If you are still on a 7.0 release, you should be planning for an upgrade to version 8.0 in order to take advantage of some of the new capabilities. For example:

  • Gantt charts
  • Dashboards
  • View Settings in Charts
  • Dynamic headers/footers in Reports
  • Security Subject Areas
  • Conditional Formatting in Forms
  • Direct Categories
  • Save Actions 
  • Debugging Framework

In addition to functionality enhancements in EcoSys 8.0, the revamped GUI further enhances the user experience with a modern, "flattened" look and feel. If you would like to read more about version 8.0, see our A Look Forward to EcoSys 8 article. 

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Gary Harvey

By Gary Harvey

Gary Harvey has more than 30 years of Project Management and Earned Value Management consulting related experience across multiple industries and Federal/State Governments. Gary has been with Pinnacle for over twenty years. Over his career Mr. Harvey has had many technology and practice related roles that helped shape the depth of experience he brings. He has managed consulting organizations, software development organizations and major software product development efforts. He has also successfully led many Earned Value Management (EVM) and Enterprise Project Management (EPM) services related engagements from small improvement initiatives to very large, global implementations that include process and tools. In addition, Gary has an impressive background in EVM and EPM related software tools and technology architectures. His expertise ranges from developing one of the first commercially available EVM tools (Artemis Cost 9000) to implementing the current Microsoft, Deltek, EcoSys and Primavera Enterprise Project Management suites. These typically involve integration with ERP systems (SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle Financials, Deltek etc.). Gary often leads re-engineering or optimization efforts for existing EPM and EVM systems.

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