Pinnacle's EcoSys EPC Sustainability Services

Posted by Pinnacle Management Systems, Inc. on Monday, November 30, 2015

Pinnacle is a Premier Certified EcoSys Services Partner and offers a support service for the custom EcoSys EPC applications that you are dependent on.

EcoSys EPC skills are scarce and considerable training is required to get up to speed. 
Pinnacle can provide experienced EcoSys EPC configuration and integration skills to maintain and enhance your applications. This often involves:
  • Addressing your backlog of fixes or enhancements to your EcoSys EPC Configuration
  • Integration of EcoSys EPC with other systems
  • Promotion of code through Dev, Test and Production environments
  • Testing of your application with new EcoSys EPC releases and patches
  • Investigating and resolving user problems
  • Performance tuning
  • Documentation and Training

Almost every EcoSys customer has built new applications to satisfy their unique needs. 

Our experience in working across numerous EcoSys implementations brings valuable lessons learned.

We will perform an assessment of your EcoSys EPC application and will jointly determine the appropriate ground rules and working practices on how to start addressing your backlog of new enhancements.

We can provide support on a retainer basis and provide a "surge" of skills to meet a peak demand.

Please contact us to discuss how we can support your EcoSys EPC and Project Controls Systems.

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