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Posted by Pinnacle Management Systems, Inc. on Monday, December 15, 2014

A new application is available for the EcoSys EPC platform: an EVMS "Accelerator". Pinnacle is currently leading an implementation of an EIA-748 EVM System using the Accelerator and sees a significant enhancement to EcoSys EPC's EVM capabilities

The EVMS Accelerator has a full feature set consistent with the leading cost engines in the EIA compliant market. Features such as:

  • Unlimited coding structures
  • Tight integration with the leading scheduling tools
  • Direct and indirect rates
  • Multiple currencies
  • Time phased budgets
  • Control Account Work Authorization
  • Budget Change Requests
  • Change Logs
  • Transaction based
  • Import actual costs from financial systems
  • Tight integration with suppliers
  • Estimated Actuals
  • Earned Value techniques
  • Forecasting
  • What-if analysis
  • Variances Analysis and Narratives
  • IPMR formats

Additionally, EcoSys EPC can facilitate integration between program management / project controls and processes such as procurement, engineering, materials management, resource management, and accounts payable. While the Earned Value Management approach integrates these and other disciplines the traditional EVM tools only use feeds from back-end systems (for actuals costs in particular) but don't provide the program organizations with an integrated process/view. For example:

  • Using EcoSys EPC, a Purchase Requisition can be raised in EPC, passed to the ERP and then procurement status can be monitored from EPC.  (This type of integration would not typically be justified for smaller, individual programs and is best viewed as part an of an Enterprise implementation).
  • Control Account Managers can see variances in EcoSys EPC and potentially drill into the underlying activity/task status and financial transactions associated with that item. This typically makes it much easier for the CAMs to identify the cause of variances.

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