EVMS Gap Analysis and Implementation Roadmap Planning


Earned Value Management Gap Analysis and Implementation Roadmap.  

This service is for organizations that either do not have an EVM capability in place or need to improve their current EVM capabilities. Often our clients require an EVM Gap Analysis and Implementation Roadmap:

EVM requirements vary across Agencies.  

While DoD and a few other Agencies require full EIA-748 compliance of all 32 Criteria, many civilian Agencies set less stringent requirements. Examples of these include: HHS, BARDA, Treasury, Veterans Administration, DHS and others. Specific contracts may also have different EVM requirements.

Pinnacle scales our approach and recommendations based on each client’s situation.  

We see a range of starting points across our clients. Our experience includes Roadmaps developed for companies who:

  • have no previous EVM or minimal Project Management experience and have not worked previously with US Government Agencies,
  • have some Project Management experience and have worked with the US Government and are moving to larger contracts that require EVM, or
  • have existing EVM processes and tools but need to improve their EVMS or to prepare for Validation

Gap Analysis and Implementation Roadmap Approach 

Gap Analysis 

The Pinnacle Gap Analysis process reviews the organization's existing EVM or Project Management capability and maturity in several dimensions. The main categories are People, Process and Tools.

The Gap Analysis is performed using a Pinnacle developed Scorecard, and other tools. We interview key stakeholders in your organization’s Project Management, Accounting, Procurement, Process Improvement, Business Development and IT community.  

We will also review available artifacts (Project Management process definitions, templates, methodologies, organization charts, and other relevant documentation) to determine any gaps and to better understand the organizations current capabilities.

Implementation Roadmap 

From the information gathered during the Gap Analysis, an implementation roadmap is produced documenting major implementation objectives and a timeline to achieve them.

Pinnacle’s EVM Implementation Roadmaps include:

  • Project Plan and timeline for the EVM  Implementation
  • Specific People, Process and Tool recommendations
  • EVM Tool architecture
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for the EVMS implementation
  • WBS Dictionary that defines the detail of the Roadmap Plan
  • Basis of Estimate 

We scale and tailor our recommendations for your specific needs…we define a “Right Sized Solution" to meet your goals.


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